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our Cool Pots for Masdevallias, Miltoniopsis and other orchids that like to be cool and damp.

Miltassia Charles M Fitch


Miltoniopsis Andrea West



Some of our cymbidiums 


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Masdevallia Tiger Bay 

'Bunny Buttons' AM/AOS,

awarded 83 points at the

Memphis Orchid Show, May 2013

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California redwoods





Some of our oncidiums 

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Cool Pots

Each Cool Pot is a miniature evaporative cooler.

Happy Masdevallia in a Cool Pot

Thermal imaging shows lower temperature in a Cool Pot

From our customers:

"Thanks to these amazing Cool Pots I know that I can grow and bloom Masdevallia orchids."

-- Chris in Texas

 "I wanted to let you know how wonderful your Cool Pots are. I re-potted some cool-loving orchids in the ones I ordered, and a Miltonia I potted only a month ago didn't skip a beat. It's spiking right now, as if to say, thank you so much for the Cool Pot

-- Randy in South Florida

  "...after I repotted in the Warm Pots, everything started growing like crazy, I've got new roots, lots of new leaves, keikis - so much more growth than usual.

-- Sandy in Virginia